Programs: Product Knowledge Programs

Custom Designed For Your Product - In 5 Stages

Stage 1 - Evaluation:Stage 1 - Evaluation:

Determine which product or product line(s) would most benefit from an increase in understanding by retail sales people. Creating higher product knowledge in a fun and educational format increases retail enthusiasm and grows sales.


Stage 2 - Research:

Stage 2 - Research:Perform an in-depth study to determine your products or product line(s) unique features and benefits that other manufacturers do not offer. This information is condensed into a script which forms the basis for the online learning modules.


Stage 3 - Production:

Stage 3 - Production:Based upon the story behind your product and the unique features, the script, video and still images are captured and edited to form the basis of each video based learning module. Website, modules, questions and a student landing page are created.


Stage 4 - Launch:

Stage 4 - Launch:Launch includes beta testing, email reminders, and a user/dealer activity reporting page to monitor student progress. Additionally, a corporate activity reporting page for all participants is developed.


Stage 5 - Feedback:

Stage 5 - FeedbackRetail surveys are utilized to form direct communication with retail salespeople. Feedback in sales of product/product lines from the surveys are evaluated to determine net increases in sales. Student surveys also provide feedback for future program development.


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